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Safeguarding services

What we can do for you

Online Teaching

Online training

Take training in your own time from anywhere.

Go to the 'Members' tab and click on Introductory Course and sign up to take our 4-module, comprehensive, basic safeguarding awareness in sport course. The course delivers a certificate at the end following a short comprehension check.

40 minutes

Currently available in French and German

Suitable for anyone involved in sport


In-person training

Face-to-face safeguard training available organised by us, or bespoke for your sport and your organisation. 

1 hr: lecture-style safeguarding awareness course with certificate of attendance (50chf/person)

3 hr: interactive safeguarding course including responsibility, good practice and case study with certificate of attendance (120chf/person)

1 day: Point of contact in club/organisation course (250chf) with certificate of attendance

Safeguarding awareness and information sessions for:

-board members

-organisation/club managers



Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Initial audit

Work with us and our online, interactive auditing partner to work out your organisation's safeguarding needs. 

Do you have a safeguarding policy?

Clear codes of conduct?

Reporting procedures?

Work through an initial audit to find out where your organisation stands in terms of safeguarding. We can help you to put the right things in place.


We'd love to hear from you

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